Join the Movement of Plastic Free Oceans. Donate with every Lip Balm.

Organically Made


Organic Lip Balm

Cruelty free, organic & plastic free: this lip balm is a combination of ingredients that protects and nourishes.

Low waste packaging: our balm comes in a paper tube that is compostable. No boxes are needed for the balm.

Multi-use balm: it can be also use for hands, feet and elbows. Eucalyptus is a healer by nature as it enhances inner peace and calming sensations. Dare to repair that dryness! 

How to use: open packaging, push the bottom upwards, apply and begin your healthy lips journey.


The formula has no secrets nor hidden chemicals. It is a fusion of natural and organic ingredients from Mother Nature. 

Our formula is made with two waxes, two types of butter and six potent organic oils. Among the ingredients, we have beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, almond oil and coconut oil. This mix of ingredients is a potent source of antioxidants, providing a very deep moisture to protect your lips from aging and sun damage. 

Reduce plastic Solutions

Reusable Bottles  

By using a reusable bottle each day you will be saving at least 1 plastic bottle of being produce. Waka 500ml is a perfect size for a every day life. We want to encourage you to make it a habit to use a reusable bottle and say NO to plastic bottles as much as you can! 

There are small steps that we can do in our life to help reduce plastic pollution! A reusable water bottle is for sure one small habit with a big impact! 

Each ingredient has key nutrients to keep lips healthy, nourished, protected and ready to smile!

We have made a list for you, describing each ingredient benefit and property. 

We only work with Certified Sources. 

Hi, I'm Natascha Veit

A surfer from Venezuela, inspired by the ocean to create.

 I’m currently located in Portugal and have been surfing for 17 years. After many years of work experience, FINALLY I decided to follow my dream of creating products that do not contaminate the ocean and help protect it.  It Makes me so happy to offer something that people can use in peace knowing that no plastic or chemicals where use in the creation of the products.

To give back to mother nature is my goal and to help preserve and protect the Animal wildlife & the ocean is my dream – the reason for starting Veit Products.

Our Company

Veit Eco is a company whose first and most important mission is to create products that are made in harmony with the ocean. For our first product, The Veit Eucalyptus Lip Balm, we designed the packaging and combined ingredients using natural products.

Our focus in Veit Eco is The Protection of Marine Wildlife. We want to create awareness on the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean. Marine wildlife is being affected by our excessive consumption of plastic.


Get In Touch

We want to do more! If you have any suggestion on how can we join forces and contribute towards this goal please message us!