Our Company

Veit Eco is a company whose first and most important mission is to create products that are made in harmony with the ocean. For our first product, The Veit Eucalyptus Lip Balm, we designed the packaging and combined ingredients using natural products. The Veit Eucalyptus Lip Balm can be used every season and keeps the lips nourished at all times. 

Our focus in Veit Eco is The Protection of Marine Wildlife. We want to create awareness on the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean. Marine wildlife is being affected by our excessive consumption of plastic. Animals are eating and swimming in plastic and we want to contribute to the solution. A percentage of the company profits will be donated to the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund, who we believe are making great effort to promote environmental change. 

A % of the profits of the company will be donated to the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund, who we believe are putting their efforts to make a change.

Why a Lip Balm

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a Chapstick in my purse. I don’t remember when I started using it. I just remember always being addicted to using it. If I didn’t use lip balm, my lips were broken and dry, so I always had a Chapstick with me. It became a part of me. I’d always pack one in my purse along with my wallet, sunglasses and key.

One day, I decided to combine my love for surfing and the ocean with my addition to lip balms. I decided to create the best and most sustainable lip balm on the market. I started reading about ingredients: where they come from, what they do to the skin and soon realized that all the balms that I was using were full of petroleum. In other words, I was putting petroleum on my mouth. I also realized that like many things, lip balms come in plastic packaging. I didn’t want to contribute to single-use plastic or use of petroleum on the human body. Long story short, that is why I decided to create this product: to offer a solution, an eco-friendlier balm that won’t end up in our ocean when it’s finished, a lip balm that helps spread awareness about the plastic pollution and that really nourishes the skin. 

A journey to healthy lips and a clean ocean!

Hi, I'm Natascha

I’m currently located in Portugal and have been surfing for 17 years. After many years of work experience in different jobs, such as a secretary, bartender, chef in an “arepera”, and sales rep for Massimo Dutti in Barcelona, I finally decided to follow my dream of creating products that do not contaminate the ocean and help protect it. It makes me so happy to offer something that people can use in peace knowing that no plastic or chemicals are used in the creation of our product. 

Giving back to Mother Nature and helping preserve and protect wildlife and the ocean is my dream – and this is the main reason for starting Veit Products.

“I want to share my experience with nature, specifically the ocean with all my peers. To give back to mother nature is my goal and to help share natures best with you all is my dream – the reason for starting Veit Products.”

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