Beach Clean Up at La Guaira Venezuela

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Activism

On the 24 of June 2023  Veit in alignment with other local Brands took 800 KG trash from the beach.
Playa Surfista is one of the closest beaches from Caracas , the Capital, is just behind the biggest airport of the Country and is very sad to see how contaminated it is. That is why we decided to do a Clean up there, a place where it needs it the most.
The Beach Clean up was a success thanks to all the people that support us! La Guaira Corp, who were key, sent us a truck so we could actually take the garbage to a proper place. A funny story is that I found them on Google and called them and they said YES from the first second without knowing me or our brand. Fundación Viaja Verde, another amazing support, bringing 14 local trees that we planted after the clean up with the hope to see them grow bigger and bigger every year.


Los posos surf school and all the surfer community join, we love the ocean and it is nice to see more people involved in environmental activities. Special Thanks to Kellyani and Derek, both 14 years old surfing insanely well.
Hawaiira is a local brand and we were very lucky to count with them, we Love our surf spots and our coastline and when it is pumping we call it Hawaiira , Hawaii+ La Guaira , a Venezuelan tradition mixing names.

Then we had sooo many supporters that it was unbelievable, the beach was very disgusting, we saw a lot of syringes and the courageous people got their hands dirty. Special thanks to:

You want know which one was the item most found on the beach?
Plastic caps and lollipop sticks. Think twice next time you eat a lollipop, the plastic stick probably will end up  in the Ocean.  Do what you can, even if it is small! You can contribute and inspire others!

Thank you for being part of the future generation for clean Oceans

Made in Harmony with the Ocean.