Clean Ocean Movement. 4ocean Partnership

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Activism

NEW PARTNERTSHIP: 4ocean and Veit join forces for Ocean conservancy.
In December 2023 4ocean and Veit Eco started their partnership with the intention to create more impact as we know that together we are stronger.
We have a common mission, that is to protect and clean the world Oceans and coastlines. Before this partnership we were organizing and participating in beach cleans ups, but “Cleanups alone aren’t enough to end the ocean plastic crisis. Each of us has a role to play in presenting plastic pollution and we must work together to stop it at the source” 4ocean. 


   You can find in our shop all plastic free items and not only does our products are better for the environment because of its biodegradable packaging, but from now on for every lip balm sold we pull out 1 pound of trash from the world’s oceans, coastlines and rivers, in partnership with 4ocean. 


No matter where you are and what you do, by taking small actions you can also be part of the change. Help us clean the ocean, Join the Clean ocean movement, start now. We invite you to go to our shop and discover our plastic free products.